Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being Wanted

Chúc mừng anh Toàn đã đăng bài báo về trẻ em sinh năm tốt/xấu ở Việt Nam trên American Economic Journal: Applied Economics:

Do, Quy-Toan, and Tung D. Phung. 2010. "The Importance of Being Wanted." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2(4): 236–53.
We identify birth wantedness as a source of better child outcomes. In Vietnam, the year of birth is widely believed to determine success. As a result, cohorts born in auspicious years are 12 percent larger. Comparing siblings with one another, those of auspicious cohorts are found to have two extra months of schooling. The Vietnamese horoscope being gender-specific, this difference will be shown to be driven by birth planning. Children born in auspicious years are more likely to have been planned, thus benefiting from a more favorable growth environment. (JEL J12, J13, O15, P23, Z13)

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  1. Bao giờ chị đăng báo, nhớ chúc mừng chị nhé, he he. :D